Carbon Footprint Italy is the Italian programme dedicated to communicate the results of the quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of products and organisations and their reductions.

The participation in the Carbon Footprint Italy programme is open to all organisations in possession of an accredited third-party verification statement, concerning the quantification of their GHG emissions. There is also a Carbon Reduction section, specifically dedicated to the reduction of GHG emissions, both in terms of product and organisation, achieved as a result of mitigation measures.

Companies and products registered in the Programme Operator Carbon Footprint Italy can use for the communication of their emission values ​​or reduction of GHG, a specific mark developed for each different mode of participation in the programme. In this way it is possible to communicate in a simple, rapid and effective manner the outcome of Carbon Management actions.

The carbon footprint is the indicator of a single, albeit crucial, environmental impact category. Low carbon footprint values must not be communicated as a general claim of low environmental impact.