Carbon Reduction register GHG emission reductions supported by accredited independent third party verification statement in relation to CFP and GHG inventories of organisation (related standards in the dedicated section), through direct mitigation interventions within the system boundaries of the related studies.

The participation in Carbon Reduction must be supported by two different verification statements relating to emissions quantified at least one year apart.

The implementation measures must be described and communicated in detail to the Secretariat (see Organisational structure), in order to support the fact that the emissions reduction is actually due to specific mitigation measures and not to a fluctuation of normal operating conditions. This information will then be reported in the data sheet of each organisation/product participating in the programme.

The membership of Carbon Reduction of organisation is also open to companies that fall within the scope of the EU ETS Regulation (see dedicated section). In this case only the direct GHG emissions of the installation are accounted for and the mitigation measures must be, as well as described as in the previous cases, supported by two different ETS communications.