To participate in the Carbon Footprint Italy (CFI) programme, it is necessary to achieve a verification statement of an independent third party, related to the product or to the organisation itself, according to the standards indicated in the dedicated section of the site.

The registration to Carbon Reduction also requires the possession of two different verification statements obtained at different times, able to demonstrate the effective reduction of emissions. The participation in Carbon Reduction shall be supported by the description of the mitigation measures implemented by the organisation, which will be made public within the Carbon Reduction data sheet of the product or organisation (see section Information needed).

To participate in the CFI programme it is necessary to fill in the registration application, differentiated by the various types of participation required. The records represent the emission values ​​referred to a specific time period and therefore are carried out one-off, without providing for a periodic surveillance activity.

In order to avoid the presence of excessively obsolete information, the records are considered valid and kept on the site for a period of 3 years, after which they will be automatically removed and the registration will expire.