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EcoRegistry is a pioneer platform in Colombia and in Latin America based on blockchain technology for the issuance, monitoring and cancellation of carbon offsets, contributing to the mitigation of climate change. Based on our knowledge of Technology 4.0 we aim to provide different services of sustainability, facilitating the registration of projects and Carbon offsets, contributing to the reliability, simplicity, transparency and guaranteeing traceability of information in the carbon market. EcoRegistry is a mean to boost and provide reliability to the carbon market with aims to fight against climate change.


EPDItaly is the first Italian Program Operator where companies can publish their EPDs, obtain visibility at national and international level and communicate to the market, in a clear and transparent way, the environmental impacts of a product or a service. EPDItaly is the Italian Program Operator that has been accredited by Accredia, the only national accreditation body in Italy. In this way, only accredited certification bodies can perform the verifications to validate the EPDs, adopting uniform methods and subjecting themselves to checks on their work by Accredia itself. EPDItaly belongs also to the Eco Platform circuit, an association that brings together the main Program Operators in the construction sector, created with the aim of supporting the harmonization of European Environmental Product Declarations.


MUGO is the Italian climate tech company that builds experiences of understanding and eliminating climate impact. Thanks to its platforms, MUGO helps companies and people respond to the climate crisis day after day: between the shelves of a supermarket, behind the desk in an office and in the middle of the crowd at a concert.

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