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The open public consultation for the following PCRs, developed within the framework of the Italian Programme Operator Carbon Footprint Italy, opens today:
– “Valves: Multifunctional controls for Gas Burning Appliance”
– “Printed Circuit Board Assembly”
– “Fans for Air and Air/Gas Mixture Management”
– “Paints, Varnishes and Coatings”.
– “Energy Storage Systems for Industrial and Stationary Applications”.
The documents outline the requirements and guidelines to be followed during the realisation of a Carbon Footprint of the specific products defined by each PCR, in accordance with the international reference standard ISO 14067.
The draft documents can be downloaded at this page.
Until January 23rd, 2022, it is possible to provide comments and proposals for improvements to the documents by filling in the designated template available on the same webpage. The template shall be sent via email to the PCR Moderator or the CFI Secretariat (

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